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Workplace Stress Facts Quoted by the Media



Stress is the number one cause of employee low productivity, low morale, and 50-70% of all employee medical and hospital costs.

Source: Glenn Carnathan


Personal finance is the number one personal issue causing stress in the workplace.

Source: ComPsych, printed in USA Today


The average household has $38,000 in consumer debt.

Source: Consumer Reports Money Book


Up to 40% of employees report stress over personal finances has negatively impacted their productivity in the past year.

Source: Garman, Leech & Grable


Workers waste 20+ hours a month thinking about and dealing with personal money matters.

Source: Garman


32% of executives rank the toll on productivity caused by personal financial problems as the most pressing, overlooked workplace issue.

Source: Cambridge Human Resource Group


When financial problems arise, it is in the workplace that they are likely to surface first.

Source: Keller & Nolf, 1984


Regardless of income, 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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