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Your computer could be quietly mining bitcoin — for someone else!

October 19, 2018

The act, known as cryptojacking, has grown in popularity because it is hard to detect, reasonably passive and lucrative. NBCNews  |  Jasmine Boyse Hackers are quietly hijacking personal computers, company servers, cable routers, mobile devices and other forms of computing power to stealthily mine cryptocurrencies — a problem that cybersecurity experts warn is growing rapidly. […]

AGAIN! Thousands line up for zero-down-payment, subprime mortgages

October 18, 2018

The subprime mortgage crisis was precipitated by lenders offering no-down payment loans with short-term “teaser” rates as low as zero. CNBC  |  Diana Olick Borrowers can have low credit scores, but have to go through an education session about the program and submit all necessary documents, from income statements to phone bills. They must go […]

Consumer Credit Rises $16.6B, Exceeds Estimates on Broad Demand

September 11, 2018

U.S. consumer debt rose in July more than forecast as non-revolving credit grew by the most since November and credit-card debt outstanding rebounded. NewsMaxFinance  |  Bloomberg News Highlights of Consumer Credit (July) Total credit climbed $16.6b (est. up $14b) from a downwardly revised $8.5b gain the prior month (prev. $10.2b), the Fed announced. Non-revolving debt […]

No Enforcement Actions Taken a Year After Equifax Breach Read

September 11, 2018

The attack went unnoticed by Equifax for more than six weeks. NewsMaxFinance  |  Associated Press A new report by congressional investigators details how hackers broke into Equifax last year in a breach that exposed the financial information of more than 145 million Americans. The lawmakers who requested the report say they will press the Trump […]

Will Bitcoin Price Crash? Bulls Sweating

September 11, 2018

It’s dropped more than 11 percent since the start of the month. NewsMaxFinance  |  Bloomberg Bitcoin’s recent stumble could turn into a full-blown tailspin, testing its strong support level of $6,000 again, according to a leading technical indicator. The biggest cryptocurrency has bounced off the $6,000 mark four times since February, and a break below […]

Hurricane Could Pound Insurance Stocks, ETFs, Mortgage-Backed Bonds

September 11, 2018

Most vulnerable… Stocks, Catastrophe Bonds, and Mortgage Backed-Securities NewsMaxFinance  |  Bloomberg News The path of Hurricane Florence’s potential destruction runs right through markets from stocks to mortgage-backed securities. The Category 4 storm — which is forcing more than 1 million people to flee to safety and could wreak as much as $27 billion in damages […]

Governments Default On Debt More Than You Think

September 7, 2018

There are 152 fiat currencies that have failed due to excess inflation. Their average lifespan was 24.6 years and the median lifespan was 7 years. In fact, 82 of these currencies lasted less than a decade and 15 of them lasted less than 1 year. MisesInstitute  |  Daniel Lacalle In this era of monetary fiction, […]

BofA: This Is A Redux Of The 1998 Crisis…. Just One Thing Is Missing

September 7, 2018

“Fed tightening, US decoupling, flattening yield curve, collapsing EM, underperforming levered quant strategies, all echo ’98… but global contagion missing.” ZeroHedge  |  Tyler Durden Last weekend we highlighted the most stunning divergence observed since the great financial crisis: non-US equity markets have underperformed the US the most over a 3-month period since the failure of […]

Fed Said to Be More Unprepared For Crisis Than 10 Years Ago

September 7, 2018

Though the banking system is stronger, shadow banking and possible political unrest between international regulators could jeopardize recovery from the next crisis. ZeroHedge  |  Tyler Durden A group of current and former policymakers and academics in the financial industry that comprise the “Group of 30” – a financial industry working group that includes names like […]

Rule of Law and Economic Reset [Video]

September 7, 2018