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5-Minute Business Networking

Maximize results and take the work out of networking!

“I just attended my first 5 Minute Business Networking event and was thrilled by the contacts I walked away with. One of the contacts has already saved us thousands of dollars!”

– Andrew Frager, Best Homes, LLC and Metro Property Realty, LLC

Meeting - 3 People

Because of their efficiency, rapid business networking events are in high demand by the business and association community.  Whereas an individual may meet only a few people at a conventional luncheon or mixer, participants of rapid business networking events come away with as many as 20 contacts.  Equity 1 Group’s 5-Minute Business Networking events are further optimized by maximizing new introductions at every event and allowing participants to specify which industry professionals they would like to meet.

Yes! Keep Me Informed of Upcoming Networking Opportunities.

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