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Russia-China Gas Pipeline Nearly Complete

Remember what we said about China angling to de-throne the U.S. as the WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY!  This completes one of the pieces of their puzzle.

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NewsMaxFinancial  |  Jeffrey Rodack

Construction of one of the world’s largest gas pipelines – from Russia to China – is about 93 percent finished, RT.com is reporting.

About 119 operational gas wells have been completed in Yakutia and the main technological equipment is now being installed.

The website noted the pipeline, called the Power of Siberia, could eventually help Russia become one of China’s main providers of natural gas.

Plans call for the nearly 2,500-mile long pipeline to begin pumping gas to China by the end of 2019.

Moscow and Beijing already are planning to construct another pipeline – Power of Siberia 2 – in an effort to keep up with China’s growing gas consumption, RT.com noted

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