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Can I take one of these home?

MailOnline  |  Rebecca English

Prince Charles is shown Bank of England’s vaults where 400,000 gold bars worth £100BILLION are stored.

Prince Charles is shown around the gold vaults at the Bank of England. The chambers hold around 400,000 bars of gold worth more than £100 billion

On a royal visit to the Bank of England today, Governor Mark Carney told the heir to throne as he sat down with a group of deputies in his historic office for a private briefing: ‘A tremendous amount of mistakes have been made at this table!’

The prince’s tour came at the personal invitation of Mr Carney, who visited him at Clarence House in February.

The aim of the visit was, ostensibly, to ‘recognise and celebrate the Bank’s mission to promote the good of the people of the UK by maintaining monetary and financial stability’.

During his tour of the building Charles was given a private viewing of more than £100 billion worth of gold.

The underground vault at the bank contains around 400,000 gold bars, each weighing around 13kg and worth £366,501 at today’s price.


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