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Temporary Deflation? Inflation Is Not!!!

From Money Metals Exchange

Inflation - Tuition

“Those who purchase physical precious metals should keep a long-term perspective. Under our monetary system, bouts of deflation are temporary and always resolve in a resumption of inflation. It is simply impossible for a government and a consumer, as leveraged as they are, to sustain their debt loads without a gradual future reduction of the real value of those debts in the form of dollar depreciation. Quite simply we, as a nation, are addicted to inflation, and precious metals remain one of the most viable long-term hedges against accelerating inflation.

When you buy gold and silver at today’s prices, you can rest comfortably knowing you’re buying an asset class that offers good relative value compared to other financial assets. If you buy bonds today, you’ll be stuck with historically low yields and face the risk of principal loss when rates eventually rise. If you buy stocks today, you’ll be buying near all-time nominal highs and at valuation levels that are similar to previous market tops.

We can’t know for sure whether gold and silver will outperform stocks and bonds in 2015. But we are confident that those who diversify into physical precious metals today will be rewarded with greater financial security and higher prices looking out over the next few years.”

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