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Making Meetings Work

Meetings are a classic case of the perfect Catch-22.

If you’re in a meeting:

Then you’re away from your desk and not getting any work done!

But, if you avoid meetings:

Then you don’t know what’s what work needs to get done!

If it seems like you’re attending meetings more often than in the past – you’re absolutely right!  That’s because the business world operates on a 24/7 clock and every process in a corporation can be completed quicker and faster.  Projects that logistically used to take weeks are now completed in just days or even minutes.  This increases the need for more frequent get-togethers to discuss what’s next on the calendar.

Although meetings are still completed on a one-on-one and face-to-face basis, modern meetings can also take place using advanced communication tools such as teleconferencing and videoconferencing.  Companies like GoToMeeting can host online meetings, webinars, and training via the Internet.  After downloading a free app from the App Store, you also can join an online meeting using your iPad.

If you have meetings calendared for as often as once a week – cancel them!  If you can save the time and conserve the resources from outright cancelling or doubling-up meetings, then you’ll maintain your group’s belief that the meetings they attend are really necessary.

One complaint that many meeting attendees seem to unanimously voice is time wasted discussing irrelevant issues.  Additional complaints come from the host being ill-prepared and the facility/room not ready to start on schedule (e.g., A/V equipment not operating properly).

If you’ve been assigned to chair a meeting, here are five basic principles to follow when organizing an effective (and fun) meeting:

  1. Allow enough time for all attendees (including you) to prepare.
  2. Check all equipment (e.g., screens, room heated/cooled, etc.) to ensure it is working properly.
  3. Keep the meeting on topic! Start on time and end it early!
  4. Encourage audience participation (meetings aren’t just to voice your opinion).
  5. Before closing the meeting, assign clear goals and set clear deadlines for the next meeting.

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  1. Great guide to run meetings. Good to see your post!

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